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Bridal eye makeup is an integral part of the bridal beauty regime. How you do up your eyes can make or break the look. If you’re looking for some beauty inspo for your eyes, then Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is one style diva you can take notes from. She always has her beauty game on point and eyes on-fleek! Read on and take notes.



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Posted on 07-Oct-2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Bridal Eye Makeup: Grand Grey
While this type of eye makeup is not a norm for bridal eye makeup, it can add that drama to your look. You can add some colour with a second eye shadow shade or keep it black aka dark grey. Black smokey eyes are the norm, but stark black might not work well for the bridal makeup. Instead, opt for a deep grey shade in the eye shadow. With this, you can do up your lips in a brighter shade of pink or red or keep it nude depending on how bold you want the makeup.
2. Bridal Eye Makeup: Vintage Vibes
If you want to emulate the yesteryear divas, opt for this kind of eye makeup to go with the overall look. A dual colour eye makeup with the lighter shade on the inside and a dull black tone on the outside gives some major vintage vibes that make you look elegant. Add a shimmery brown on the inside and a light brown near the brow for this look.
3. Bridal Eye Makeup: Side Smokey
Shades of pink are also the ultimate bridal makeup colours. They’re feminine, subtle (depending on shade) and add that quotient of soft glam. But just pinks don’t do justice for a bridal look. Amp it up with smokey side style of eye makeup. Apply a shimmery light pink shade of eye shadow over the eyelid and also under the eye. Apply a deep grey shade of eye shadow at the side of the eyes above and below the eyes till half and smudge it into a smokey look.
4. Bridal Eye Makeup: Wide Winged
Winged eyeliners give that ultimate feminine touch to your bridal eye makeup. You can do them with any colour of eye shadow or even nude eyes with just the wings in black, brown or grey colour. For the bridal makeup though, you should add some colour onto your eyelids to make the look stand out. If bright colours are not what you’re looking for, then add some glittery nude shade to do up your eyes. Then add a wide wing, and you’re set.

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