Bridal Mehndi



While traditional mehndi is synonymous with Indian weddings, many modern Indian brides have started opting for contemporary versions of mehndi. And, the most popular one is Arabic Mehndi!



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1. Bridal Mehndi Dos & Don'ts Every Bride-to-be Must Keep in Mind!
Whether it's about getting that pitch red Mehendi stain or picking the most unique mehendi design to adorn their hands with, brides of today are paying attention to their bridal mehndi in every which way. And why not? After all, those mehndi laden hands add a perfect dash of ethnicity to every Indian bride's wedding day look. Hence, it can never be taken too lightly! And to make sure you too play your Bridal mehendi game just as strong as others, here we come to your rescue. While we've already bombarded you with loads and loads of simple & Arabic mehndi design ideas to pick from but looks like, that's not enough to get your bridal mehndi right. So, this time we thought of enlightening you with some serious Bridal Mehendi Dos and Don'ts. Go, give them a quick read and make sure you're abiding by them!