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With hair fall being one of the pressing concerns for an increasing number of people, non-surgical hair growth treatments are very popular these days simply because they don’t have any downtime and side-effects. Dermatologist Dr Stuti Khare Shukla, says, “Earlier, people used to opt for hair transplantation surgery, but now with advancement in technology, more and more people prefer non-surgical hair growth treatment as everybody wants invasive or semi-invasive options. Most of the non-surgical methods are non-invasive methods which hardly take 10-15 minutes. Non-surgical hair growth treatment involves no blood-shed, has no downtime, is pocket-friendly and has no side-effects.”



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Posted on 07-Oct-2021

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Types Of Treatments
Platelet-rich plasma therapy is quite well-known; it involves injecting the patient’s own blood superficially in the scalp. Apart from that, mesotherapy is also a great treatment. The other important treatments are hair growth boosters, which are actually the amalgamation of various amino acids, hair growth factors and multivitamins that help in nurturing the hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth. Dr Shukla says, “Within 45 days to two months of time, you will start noticing a great amount of difference in your hair regrowth. Within four to five months, even the baldest patches start getting filled. These treatments have been used on people who were already suffering from baldness and people who are looking for enhancement of existing hair, which showed extraordinary results.” She also mentions laser light therapy, in which light is focused on the patient’s head through a helmet like device, helps in hair regrowth. Derma roller micro needling is also used which helps in boosting collagen production, thereby production of hair follicles.