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You know those days when you just want to sink into your lover's arms as he traces sweet nothings on your back with his fingers, which is every day? A sensual massage is all the therapy you need for calmer nerves and hotter action in bed. We tell you how to do this right:

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Monty Singh
Posted on 07-Oct-2021
Very Good
Posted on 15-Oct-2021
best deal i got

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It's all in the ambience
Clean up (you really can't feel or do anything sexy if there is a pile of unwashed laundry peeking at you from the foot of the bed), place some scented candles (vanilla or jasmine), and strip your partner off ever so slowly and tantalisingly.
2. Slow and steady wins the race
This isn't a sprint. Resist the urge to whip up a frenzy in your partner's loins and simply go slow. Scribble love notes with your fingers onto your partner's lower back; enjoy the feel of their skin under your hands and gently rub their shoulders and arms. Light, sweeping strokes across their belly will send jolts of sexual electricity through their body. No, don't jump in yet. Resist and tease some more.
3. Dirty whispers
The mood calls for sexy whispers in your partner's ears. Tell them how they are turning you on and how much you are enjoying this. Let them know about the hotter plans you have in mind for them as you move your hands through their body. Smile when you hear their muffled, heavy-breathed, heated response.
4. Hit the bed
Once you have worked up the heat enough, you really don't need us to advise you. Have a happy night/day/evening... ahead.
5. Can I oil my hair after rebonding?