Dreams of those lustrous, smooth and silky tresses make us women try so much on our locks. From home remedies to expert hair treatment like hair smoothening or hair straightening, the list of things to try for gleaming healthy hair is far too long. However, for every female, the effect of these hair care regimen depends on multiple factors. We all have different hair growth level; various hair quality, length, volume, and we also take care of our hair in our separate ways—all this impacts our hair growth and health.



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Posted on 07-Oct-2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does smoothening cause grey hair?
Since hair smoothening is a chemical treatment, which may affect the health of your hair, it may also cause your hair to turn grey. If you frequently get hair smoothening done, make sure to use heat protectants on your hair and keep good care of your diet as well.
2. Why can't I tie my hair after smoothening?
Avoid tieing your hair using hair bands or headbands for at least three days as it may affect the hair structure post hair smoothening treatment.
3. Can regular shampoo be used after smoothening?
Since your hair health and texture is affected by the chemical treatment, it is best to stick to a mild shampoo. Be gentle with your hair and avoid excessive heat treatment for some days after getting the hair smoothening done.
4. Can I oil my hair after smoothening?
If you want the Keratin formula to stay seeped in your tresses, make sure you do not oil your hair for at least 15 days. However, once the hair is set and smoothened, do oil your hair and also use hair masks. This will help you in restoring your hair health after the chemical treatment.