Chocolate Wax Package

449/- 549
  • Head oil massage free

Rica wax Package

599/- 699
  • Head oil massage free

Chocolate Wax Full Body

799/- 899
  • Including bikni

Rica wax Full Body

1499/- 1599
  • Including Bikni

VLCC Brightening Facial

550/- 650
  • Oxy bleach/ Raga d tan

Lotus d tan facial

599/- 699
  • Oxy bleach/ Raga d tan

Aroma magic blossom chocher facial

650/- 750
  • Aroma magic blossom chocher facial
  • Oxy bleach/Raga d tan

O3 + see whiting facial

899/- 999
  • With rubber mask
  • Oxy bleach/ Raga d tan
  • Eye brows and upper lips and forhead

O3+ Bridal Facial

1599/- 1699
  • O3+ bridal facial
  • With rubber mask
  • Oxy bleach/Raga d tan
  • Free arm scrub


As the pandemic hit us, going to the salon became out of the question. Not going to the salon, however, won’t stop your hair growth, will it? Rhetorics aside, we are lucky that waxing at home is made so much more accessible, thanks to the ancient method of sugaring. It is the technique of removing hair from the roots, very similar to waxing. The sugaring paste consists of three simple ingredients: water, lemon and sugar. So without wasting any time, let’s dive in! 



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Monty Singh
Posted on 07-Oct-2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Aloe vera and calendula oil
The soothing and cooling properties of aloe vera make it a good natural moisturiser. In a bowl, add some freshly extracted aloe vera gel and keep aside. To this, add a few drops of calendula oil and mix well. This oil has antioxidant properties that can help reduce pain and swelling. Clean your hands and apply a generous layer of this gel over the affected areas post waxing. Let it dry and then wash with warm water. Apply a moisturising lotion.
2. Cool compress
Take a bag of frozen peas or ice and wrap in a soft towel. Massage the affected areas with this for a few minutes. Repeat at least twice or thrice till the pain and swelling reduce. The cool compress aids the healing process.